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Frequently Asked Questions

Why "SaFurl?"
It stands for "Short and Fast URL" because our URLs are as short as possible, and the redirection is incredibly fast, thanks to the way our URL database is implemented.

How do you pronounce "SaFurl?"
Around here, we say it so it sounds like "saff-earl" but quite a few people seem to be saying it like "safe-earl" which also sounds pretty neat, and slightly posh. Or how about "saff-your'll". Or "saff-you-are-ell?" Who knows...

But what's the point?
Glad you asked! There are actually several really good reasons why you want to "saf" a url. Here are just a few that we can think of:

This is a great service. How can I help?
Well, you can make a donation to help with the running costs. Your contribution is greatly appreciated, and will help us to maintain and improve the SaF service.
A free alternative is to please visit our sponsors every now and then to show your support.

Is this service really free?
Yes, it really is. You can create as many safurls as you wish.

I want to tell my friends. Can I send a link somehow?
Yes, please click take a look at our links page. Later we'll get you some buttons and banners too.

How long will you maintain my links for?
Forever! We do not remove or reassign safurls (except by specific request: see next question)

Can I change where my safurl link points to?
Yes, but this is available to Premium members only. Otherwise just create yourself a new safurl.

The site is getting an amazing number of hits. Can I place an advert on your site to benefit from the traffic?
Yes, please contact us to discuss advertising options. Please note that you will need to be a Premium member to advertise with us.

Why do I get a warning when trying to SaF one of my URLs?
It may be that your URL is lodged in one of the BlackList databases that we use to guard against spam and illegal content. Occasionally, especially if you are trying to cloak an affiliate link, you may receive this message in error. Please check our terms to make sure your link is not spam or illegal in any way, and then contact us and we can sort it out for you. Note that we can and will drop links that contravene our terms, and will block repeat offenders from our site, so don't bother trying it on, please.

Someone sent me a safurl and it led to a porn / scam / spam / hate / terrorist site / virus!
Given the number of links being created every day, we are unable to manually audit every single one. However, we really want to know if such links are in our database since that is completely against our terms of service. Please contact us with the link and we'll remove it immediately and take steps to make sure the destination site is blacklisted.

My link appears to be broken!
First, make sure your destination URL is actually reachable. If so, try to saf the URL again.

Can I request a specific URL? I would like the safurl that matches my name or my business, cos that would be really cool.
Yes you can, as long as it's not already been assigned to someone else. Contact us with your requirements, but please note that this part of our Premium service only, so you will need to upgrade.

What is Premium membership?
Premium membership is ideal for users with a large number of long URLs to maintain, or affiliate marketers who would like to cloak their ids from prying eyes or link-stealers. Premium members get shorter URLs, may request specific URLs if they are available, may change links and also have the right to advertise with us. Please see our upgrade page for more information.

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