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Long URLs are messy, hard to remember, and if they don't fit on one line aren't clickable when you e-mail them. Not to mention that they can also be tedious to type out on Web-enabled cellphones. SaFurl compresses very long URLs like this:

Down to a Short and Fast compact URL like this:

SaFurl makes long, messy links easy to use again! Simply paste any url, download link, video link, map link, whatever link, and SaFurl will generate you a brand new, short, fast, unique url that you can use in its place. Please see our FAQ for some great ideas on how to make this service work for you.

Best of all, it's FREE.

Enter or Paste the URL to safurl:

SaFurl Bookmarklet:  Drag the link SaFurl into your browser's bookmark toolbar.  Then you can create a SaFurl URL for any page open in your browser window simply by clicking on the bookmark.

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